Our trees are disappearing. Plant a tree in your neighborhood. The life you give to these trees will serve us and our future generations

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Trees clean the air we breathe

The air we breathe is purified by trees. Trees absorb toxic pollutant s in the air and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark.10 trees can remove 20 pounds of pollutants annually.

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Trees retain & purify water

Trees retain water through their roots, prevent soil erosion, flooding, retain ground water, and also purify water as water seeps through their roots.

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Trees cool our planet

Trees hold carbon monoxide that acts as a natural coolant to our environment. This stabilizes the climate. Trees can cool our city by as much as 10%

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Trees make us happy

Being around with trees can reduce stress, and tree shaded walkways encourage people to walk and exercise more.