Frequently Asked Questions

1. What costs are included in Rs. 1500

The following costs are included.

  • Tree cost (Rs. 140) – This is a non-fruit bearing tree that is above 6 feet more than 2 years old
  • Transportation Cost (Rs. 10)
  • Watering Cost (Rs. 550 to water 51 times in one year)
  • Tree guard (Rs. 600)
  • Miscellaneous costs (Rs. 200. This includes digging, writing name on tree guard, finishing the tree guard, publicity material, etc.)

2. How long will it take to receive my tree picture

Our aim is to plant the tree as soon as possible. We will try to plant the trees within two months of receiving the donation.

3. How do you decide where to plant my tree

There are few organizations that are going to plant trees along various highways such as the local and state governments, national highway authority of India, etc. We will work with the state and local government bodies and obtain prior approval to planting the trees. We have already obtained prior permission for several areas to plant 4000 trees in the first phase of plantation.

4. What rights do I have on my tree?

You or UARDT will bear no rights on the tree. The tree will be owned by the local government bodies. Your name will be provided in recognition of your generous donation to vizag’s environment.

5. What types of trees are planted

We are working with landscaping architects to plan trees that can withstand high winds. The types of trees planted include Kanuga, Indian coral, pink flowdeva ganneru, pogada, alstonia, neem, badam, chinta, neredu, panasa, etc.

6. What type of locations are these trees planted

The initial locations will involve planting trees along some of the highways. After all the highways are planted, we will work with various neighborhood divisions, and the government to determine the best location.

7. Can I visit my tree?

Yes, you may visit your tree anytime. We encourage you to visit your tree and share the picture on social media.

8. How can I donate from outside India

Our plan is to accept donations from our side India within a month. We have applied for permission to FCRA for the central government to accept donations outside India. We hope this will be ready within a month.

9. What will you do with extra money?

This project is made possible through the volunteers of UARDT. Thus we are able to bring a very transparent and cost effective model for tree plantation. Our goal is to keep project administration costs very minimal. If any money is left over, we will use this for projects such as building public toilets, or building rehabilitation centers.

10. I have more questions, who do I contact?

Please contact