The overall project’s concept is developed by volunteers from across three countries with exceptional qualifications – most importantly with a passion to make a positive difference in Visakhapatnam.

Dr. Umar Alisha, the chairman of UARDT put together a team of volunteers, and public private partners to operationalize the overall project concept. He provides vision and direction for the overall project execution. He has initiated and operationalized several rural development activities in the areas of education, healthcare, environmental conservation. Through his environmental awareness program, UARDT planted and grew several trees in Andhra Pradesh. UARDT also bring strong committed volunteer base to cost effectively execute the project. His contributions to various areas of rural development was well recognized through numerous awards such as Visesha Puraskaram Award from Dr. Ramineni Foundation, Bharat Ratnasri, Ugadhi Puraskaram, and Son of India award.

Dr. Raju Gottumukkala, Director of Research, Informatics Research Institute at the University of Louisiana, USA brings over 8 years’ research experience in the area of applying big data analytics and information management solutions for improving disaster response and recovery operations. Through the National Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technology Institute (, he has worked very closely with various state and federal emergency management agencies in the United States for various disasters including hurricanes Gustav & Ike (2008), Deep horizon Oil Spill (2010), Mississippi River Flooding (2011), Super Storm Sandy (2012), and Hurricane Isaac (2012). He assisted with the overall concept design and serves as the technology advisor for the project.

Dr. Ananda Kumar Pingali is a Visakhapatnam resident since childhood and a homeopathy physician by profession. He has over a decade of experience with coordinating large scale volunteer and donation activities. He has coordinated numerous medical camps in rural areas and has been actively involved in distributing relief supplies for cyclone Hudhud through UARDT. He serves as the lead coordinator for operations for the overall implementation of the project.

Mr. Ravi Vasireddy is an entrepreneur based in Hyderabad. He owns a company Wisdomtech and leads the overall outreach and program development for makevizaggreen project

Mr. Murali Gottumukkala is a software architect based in United Kingdom. He owns and has several years’ experience in Web 2.0 technologies. He has assisted with the overall technology implementation for the project.

Mr. Krishna Kishore Yerra is a software architect based in United Kingdom. He has over a decade experience in managing and implementing technology projects. He serves as the technology coordinator for this project.

Mr. Hussain Pasha is a computer science student working on his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. He serves as a student volunteer for the project.